Masters of Architecture Thesis

College of Architecture & Planning, The University of Utah

Scope on the Siwan culture:

community center, Siwah, Egypt

Siwah Oasis - West Desert - Egypt, a small distant oasis in the Egyptian western desert, has a very unique culture and rich history. Difficult transportation kept Siwah isolated from the changes that happened to the Egyptian culture, except for the major transformation such as the introduction of Islam, the base of the culture. The religion was introduced to Siwah because oasis was on the pilgrimage route from Morocco to the Arab-peninsula. The isolation factor has made it a rich pristine place.

Research Goals
. Integrate Vernacular and Technological environmental solutions
. Allow tourists to emerge into a pristine culture without affecting its fundamental structure
. Help  the inevitable progress of the Oasis to be as unique as  its history.

Full thesis can be found at the University of Utah Library