Cellular Re-Visions

AA Istanbul Visiting School

The second edition of AA Istanbul Visiting School, in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University (ITU), acts as a continuation and augmentation of its first version, “Crafted Tower”. Taught by AA/ITU staff, the School amplifies the concepts of verticality, biological systems, and crafted models in an elaborated agenda during this 7-day long intensive computational setup. For more information ai.aaschool.ac.uk

Programme Director: Elif Erdine

Host School Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Belkıs Uluoğlu

Tutors: Dağhan Çam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Merate Barakat, Müge Belek, Frederico Fialho Teixeira, Ahu Sökmenoğlu

Team: Karem Anwar, Sherif Tarabishy, and Omar Etman

Project Concept: The design is generated through Agent-Oriented Programming. Swarm behaviour generate the bundling behaviour at specific intervals. The design aimed to create a distinctive tower that would add to Istanbul’s skyline, and interior spaces that frame specific city-scape views.